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 Things to consider before making a thread

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PostSubject: Things to consider before making a thread   Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:13 pm

Section Rules

This section is ONLY if you require help related with hack coding, NOTHING ELSE. The main hack source code section is where everything else belongs.

But as being a new section, we require rules; behaviour rules to be exact. These rules are required to be followed... If you break a rule and you're caught, you'll have consequences dealt with you.

No advertisement or outside links. (Permanent Ban)
No trolling. (2 Day Ban)
No spamming. some examples would be coming in a thread and saying you have the same problem too. Or simply saying you don't know how to help in a thread. (1 Day)
No flaming or racist comments. (2 Day for flaming, 5 days for Racist Comments, 5 days for flaming/insulting MPGH staff)
No thread hijacking - bringing in another problem into the thread. Keep the thread on topic. (Infraction)
No begging for hacks. (2 Days)
Telling people to learn C++ without any direct links to tutorials or resources is not allowed. It's counted as spam and pointless posts.

This isn't the entire rulings, but more of the common rules you'll see broken in help sections. You can find the rest of the rules here

Useful Threads

We also have some useful links around this forum, not just the crossfire section, but outside of it as well. Basically books on C++ and tutorials as well.

C, C++, and Visual C++ Books and Resources

Getting Started with Visual C++/CLI

C++ Tutorials


As you well know, this is a Help Section. You come here to ask questions. However, once you have struck a problem, don't come here right away. Consider doing a few things yourself before making a thread requiring assistance on what it may be.

Try troubleshooting the error/problem yourself.
VM/PM someone you know that might be able to help you out.
Use the search button and look for old threads, maybe a solution of your error/problem has already been laid out.
Try looking back at your C++ books if it's 'that' sort of problem.
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Things to consider before making a thread
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