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 [Rules]No Leeching Policy

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PostSubject: [Rules]No Leeching Policy   Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:19 pm

I as the Moderator of the Programming Section am going to to start enforcing an Anti-Leech policy.

My Reasons:
As far as I have known ServerDev has been pretty much the leech capital of the world, but ever since Liz enforced her no leeching policy in the CA section things have begun to turn around. I see more members releasing their own hacks instead of leeching. Now I know that is only one forum, but I felt the benefits have been good and so I'm going to follow suit.

What this means:
The posting of any leeched source code, tutorials, or programs that do not properly credit the author and clearly explain that it was in fact leeched is a bannable offense. This includes decompiling code without permission. (Someone decompiled BA's code without telling him a thing). Now I can't stop you from doing it, but I can stop you from sharing it on this site. Just because someone did not pack or obfuscate their code does not mean it is essentially an open-source project.

Beyond the Rule:
This isn't just meant to protect coders and put leechers in their place, but rather to educate leechers as well. I encourage coders to support the anti-leech policy, by explaining any released code. Usually code is leeched because it is simply thrown at people with no explanation. We can help reduce leeching by better explaining code, and help pointing choobs in the right direction away from leeching. I believe ServerDev has a lot of potential to become not just a hack community, but a coding community and so here's my promise to coders everywhere to provide a helpful environment to learn and share code without worrying about your code being leeched.

Posting leeched code without credit - Warning - up to 3 Days ban
Claiming leeched code or tutorials as your own - 3 day ban without warning
Decompiling a fellow members code without consent - 5 Days ban

As always the regular rules of ServerDev still apply...

Specifically in this section I would like people to type [LEECHED] in their title of any leeched code or tutorial and also properly credit the author if possible. There is nothing wrong with learning from outside materials, but credit should be given where credit is do. I f we do not respect others contributions how will they respect ours.

NextGen1 is allowed to handle any specifics if he wishes to, otherwise assume the same rules that apply in C++ apply to VB as well as the rest of the Programming section unless otherwise stated.
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[Rules]No Leeching Policy
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