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 [Release][C++ Code] Cabal GM/AOE/Range

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PostSubject: [Release][C++ Code] Cabal GM/AOE/Range   Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:57 pm

Well, I've got alot of pms asking me how ive done my bot without getting any detection.
Its seems that this community is thinking that nothing can be done without a bypass.


You cant patch memory in cabalmain.exe but you can modify temporary values of the game, such as the GM variables and more without being detected.

Here is the code for making a DLL that enable GM/AOE/Range when pressing F11 and disabling with F12.

Hope it will give a head start for people WHO REALLY WANT TO LEARN.
Those addresses are for Cabal EU.

All you have to do is compile this code and inject the DLL into 'cabalmain.exe'.
Any injector should do the job.

PHP Code:

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[Release][C++ Code] Cabal GM/AOE/Range
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