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 [Read] Sector Rules

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PostSubject: [Read] Sector Rules   Fri Sep 27, 2013 4:59 am

Hello everyone!

As you've noticed by the name, this sector is made for team recruitments. In short, if you need to find a work to do to a server or search for nice members for your server, this is the right place! To make this possible and comfortable, all of you must use one of the forms below.

1. First form goes to Recruiters!
Example Form

We're looking for a [Position] at [Game]

Your profile:
You know your favorite game very well or have played it for several months.
You are very active in your favorite community or have followed the official forums extensively.
You speak [Language] very well (more languages are a plus).
You enjoy helping other players and letting them benefit from your experience.
You are at least [Age] years old.(Optional)
You have enough time at your disposal to manage the tasks stated above very carefully.
You are very reliable and an absolute team player.
Previous experience in the position is always a plus.

[Other requirement]

Contact Information
[Other method]:


2. Second form goes to Candidates!
Example Form

I'm looking for a [Position] at [Game]

Your profile:
Favorite Game
Online time
Spoken Languages
Experience(in details)


Contact Information
[Other method]:


Side note;
The working options are:
If you choose to work under contract that may involves payment or confidential information, it's your own business and the Server Dev forums do not own any responsibility.
Further questions or suggestions regarding the sector, PM me any time!

Side note 2;
"Your profile" at the Recruiters form means what the user need to apply to your team, in fact, you can set your own requirements depends on how it suits better to you.
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[Read] Sector Rules
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