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 [Guide] Can't connect to your server? Read this.

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PostSubject: [Guide] Can't connect to your server? Read this.   Wed Jul 02, 2014 8:00 am

Lots of people are posting help topics with nothing more than a screenshot of a failed connection message or a stopped service and no actual information that can help us find the problem for you. To help you we need a few bits of information so we can work out what the problem is.

First, if you don't know how to check your Cabal services are actually running you do so with the following command in a Centos terminal or putty:

service cabal status

You can use "service cabal stop" and "service cabal start" to stop and start the services.

Stop the Cabal services and delete the log files from /varl/log/cabal on the centos machine. Start the services again and try logging in to the server.

That will produce a nice clean set of logfiles showing just the information we need. Copy these to your Windows computer and edit out any database passwords. Zip the logs and upload them so we can check what errors appear.

It is best to do this whilst your server is configured to use your mssql "sa" login and password as this eliminates database permissions that might be present under other database logins. This also means your actual database login does not appear in your logs and as everybody has an "sa" logon it goves nothing away about your database security.
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[Guide] Can't connect to your server? Read this.
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