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 Packing Main.exe to protect dll's and other files

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PostSubject: Packing Main.exe to protect dll's and other files   Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:25 pm

Packing with MoleBoxPro

Download: MoleBoxPro v2.6.5 (2570)

Run the MoleBox and open the main.exe:

Open the root tree:

Add the files you want to protect(always protect item.bmd and player.bmd in case your anticheat can't do that):

Click on options and mark those options:

Click on pack to Box:

Done Wink

Packing with Themida

Download: Themida v1.8.5.5 Full

Run Themida.exe and open your Main:

Mark those options:

On protection option, select file patching:

On XBundler, add the files you want to protect. Use the option "Never write to disk", if somehow you get crash while protecting, you can also use "Overwrite always". This will make the files visible but everytime you run the Main.exe, those files will be overwritten.

Then click on protect and it's done(don't forget to add your main.exe to restricions because antivirus will detect it as a threat because it's a packet).

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Packing Main.exe to protect dll's and other files
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