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 [GUIDE] Alz amount changes in drop [Long Way] / Any ALZ AMOUNT IN DROP YOU WANT

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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Alz amount changes in drop [Long Way] / Any ALZ AMOUNT IN DROP YOU WANT   Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:48 am

Disclaimer: You DO NOT need skills of coding, binaries knowledge! Just know how to find certain things using CTRL+F in notepad++ or any other editor inside the cabal_msg file.

First things first, little story of this "dumb" discovery... I've been thinking of how to increase alz drop, because I prefer to farm alz, rather than go to FRG and farm 5000 inventors of osmium, so that I would get some alz for equipment, skills and upgrades.
So, while checking items in item list inside the cabal_msg, an item: Money (ID: item13) appeared to not have visual, and I though "what a hell is that?! why do I even need it? Another crap / bugged quest item", so I dropped it on the ground and saw "0" and alz display, so a "brilliant" idea came to my mind: What if I add value (Option ID) to this item? So, I've tried with 1.000.000, send by mail, still no visuals, nothing was written on it and then I dropped it on the ground again, and VUOLA: 1.000.000 alz on the ground.
I thought: WTF?! Maybe some bugged stuff... Picked it up and my alz increased by 1.000.000.
Re-logged and the alz was still there!

So, people who already got the idea of what has happened don't need to continue reading.

I know, I know, It's is very well known for many people, but I've never seen it mentioned anywhere and wherever I've checked, I've found just "binaries and bla bla bla", probably missed the part where it was "item money" related, but hopefully, this will help to someone, who will need it

### Tutorial for Dummies / Newbies ###

Double check if you accidentally did no removed money from your item list.
Go to cabal_msg and find: Item13 [Name: Money]
Now, go to world_drop.scp :

[WorldDrop] Terrain_World DungeonID Terrain_Mob ItemKind ItemOpt DropRate MinLv MaxLv Group MaxDropCnt OptPoolIdx DurationIdx DropSvrCh EventDropOnly
9196 1 0 1 13 500000 100 1 200 0 0 0 0 0 0

Terrain_World - in here you write your map ID [spoiler]ocated in cabal_msg by "worldX - X will represent ID, which will have to be written if you want to set any the amounts on that specific world"
List of main worlds:

IF you want to make alz drop everywhere on your server, just write "0" in there.

DungeonID - no need explanation, works like Terrain_World, but ID itself can be found in questdungeon.scp or missiondungeon.scp

Terrain_Mob - In here, you can set that a specific monster would drop these alz for you. Monster List can be found in cabal_msg. Look by - CTRL+F - "monster1" or "" and all below are your server monsters, so just write the number you want in there which represents your server monsters and that monsters will drop alz.

ItemKind - Item ID, which is 13 in our case ()

ItemOpt - ANY ALZ AMOUNT YOU WANT TO BE DROPPED. Can be 500000 (500k), 1000000 (1m), 50000000 (50m) and so on!

WARNING: I have not tested the limits of the drop. So I cannot say if you can drop 2B  so, if you go for a really crazy amounts and your server crashes - it's on your own and I have zero responsibility on that!
So, on 2nd point I have explained what is what, now, the easiest way is to copy bottom line inside the world_drop.scp, paste it, add +1 on row number, for example: copied 8754, paste it and edit it to 8755 and change values on the 2nd point.
Add alz wherever you want and how much you want. The only thing is that you will add 1 amount at the time, so if you want to add various amounts - you will have to add quite few lines in world_drop.scp
You are done! enjoy your boosted high rates, worthless alz server!

Some screenshots:

Credits: Augis24 from RZ Wink
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[GUIDE] Alz amount changes in drop [Long Way] / Any ALZ AMOUNT IN DROP YOU WANT
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