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 How to make script (like 1234561 alz for nation) many extra opportunities

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PostSubject: How to make script (like 1234561 alz for nation) many extra opportunities   Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:07 am

Small tutorial how to make auto script in game use
Probably you think, what this idiot dens is talking about? hehe 
As you know there are small scripts like for auto nation which work on current value of alz in inventory or warehouse. Most of you probably know how it works and how to change it, but anyway i'll made this tut.

Well ok, all of those scripts will be placed in database in Stored Procedure Server01.dbo.set_cabal_character
As you see on screen, all of our scripts we paste below "SET NOCOUNT ON" and Before "DECLARE ***".
How it works? This procedure is being loaded everytime you login to game, so all what you put here will be executed everytime somene login to game Very Happy Nice yea?

Let's prepare our first function, for ex. when someone will have in inventory 1234561 alz then his nation will be Capella, if 1234562 then Procyon. (this script will be to multiple use, not just when you are without nation)

 SET @Nation=1
ELSE IF(@ALZ=1234562)
 SET @Nation=2

It's clear code, should be understandable. 

Now click ! Execute and test it in game Wink
By this way u can made many nice things in game for ex nice reset system:
if warehouse alz = 1b then add + 5 dex/int/str points and remove this 1b from warehouse.
If you just use ur mind u can do everything Smile
If any problem or question, just ask - i am here to help you guys.
Good luck! Smile

Credits to Dens666 of RZ Wink
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How to make script (like 1234561 alz for nation) many extra opportunities
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