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 How To edit drop for EACH monster in EACH place.

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PostSubject: How To edit drop for EACH monster in EACH place.   Sat Jan 07, 2017 10:09 am

well i really appreciate making these tutorials for you guys i really have hope u also like it.
I start with basic things but if u will just want i gonna add more and more tutorials.

In this tutorial i'm gonna show you how to edit drop for mob what u want in every place u want.
At first u have to know that everything we gonna set in Server side!
From Clientside u can just take Monsters ID which u want to edit drop.

So... let's start!
At first let's choose what mob drop we gonna edit? I've choosen a Mnisha!
Open Cabal_msg.enc -> and follow to monster section -> now find ur monster ID

That's all what we do in client side.

ID = 1497
Now is time to edit the drop on serverside, open WorldDrop.scp

[WorldDrop] = Counting Index (no matter)
Terrain_World = World on which the mob is placed (in our case 11)
DungeonID = in our case 0 (porta inferno is not dungeon map)
Terrain_Mob = ID of mob which drop we want to edit (in our case 1497)
ItemKind = ItemID what u want to drop from it (for ex. UCH so in our case 1)
ItemOpt = ItemOPT of drop item (in our case 0)
DropRate = as name says drop rate of item (i dont understand it perfectly but all the drop from EACH mob must be equal to = 1, so if u want 100% drop uch just set it to = 1.0)
MinLv = Minimum lvl (set to 1)
MaxLv = Maximum lvl to which it will drop (default set to 200)
Group = default 0
MaxDropCnt = default 0
OptPoolIdx = OptionPool if u dont know what is it then set to 0
DurationIdx = 0 (durations: 31 - with perma title, 0 no perma title, 7 - 7 days etc.)
DropSvrCh = default 0
EventDropOnly = default 0

So our new line will looks like:

999 11 0 1497 1 0 1.0 1 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 # UCH - Minisha

Place it at down of the file Save & Exit - Restart server and should work Smile
btw. Remember! Minisha have already set drop, if edit drop of mob's i suggest to remove old one.
To remove old one just simply find in WorldDrop.scp "1497" Terrain_mob ID and remove all lines with it.

If u want add one more drop to minisha u do it exactly the same way! add one more line:

999 11 0 1497 1 0 0.5 1 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 # UCH - Minisha

1000 11 0 1497 2 0 0.5 1 200 0 0 0 0 0 0 # FCH - Minisha

Remember about edit DropRate! Equal to = 1. so if we have 2 drop then 0.5 on each line.

I hope it will help someone. If still something is not clear just ask.
If u like it just hit "Thanks" button!

Credits to Dens666 of RZ Wink
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How To edit drop for EACH monster in EACH place.
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