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 (Cabal Online EP8 Information Center)

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PostSubject: (Cabal Online EP8 Information Center)   Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:24 pm

Hey guys,

Even I was confused when it came to finding the right client, server files, and tools that work with EP8, so I'm building a Information Center to make it easier.

Cabal Online EP8 Information Center
Updated: (2/7/2013)


1. Clients
2. Server Files
3. Tutorials
4. Tools

+Cabal Clients+

Cabal EP8 Client (TheftGames)

Mirror 1: DepositFiles
Mirror 2: Coming soon

+Cabal Mains+

Cabal Main (v374) unpacked

This is the same main spike released, well it was mine to begin with, it was used on theftgames, this main has no bugs but the checks are still there, if you want to, remove them , tutorial below .

Download links
Megaupload : #!mFJ1mJJD!RwIXq1QvI7zKt3v34uIx8wf1K_kctm84yGK5AMPm_Is

Here's Click me is the guide on how to remove file check. l

If you use this release press Like and or Rep me :)I don't really care about thank you posts !

+Cabal EP8 Server Files+

The reason why I recommend this repack because it makes it really easy to get a Cabal server setup within minutes, and I must say I'm impressed with the work that was put into it.

This repack will function properly on CentOS 5.x! When you start the installation process it asks you if you use 32bit or 64bit. I can't guarrantee if it will or will not work on CentOS 4.x.

Repack Download:
Databases Download:

1. Extract all the files to /root
2. Run chmod 0700
3. Run ./
4. Follow the installation process

This repack would not be possible if not for the following people: Justin Bieber (ofcourse not the real one), x30unlimited, Mundus & chumpywumpy (I used TPD's repack as a base to help me save time, hopefully you won't murder me)


Note: EP8 files only function on a physical machine or latest virtual box!

Original EP8 release: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Mirrors by MuP

Enjoy !


Cabal Online EP8 Video Installation Guide

Cabal Online EP8 Tutorial[

Another Cabal Online EP8 Tutorial

Changing Version & Magickey via server side

Remove File check for Cable Main (v374)
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(Cabal Online EP8 Information Center)
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